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How do I add an additional day to my holiday program booking?

This guide only applies if you wish to add the same type of booking, if you are looking to book into (for example) an all-day session, and you've already booked a day in the morning session - you can book an all-day as you normally would.

When adding a day to your current holiday booking, the system will automatically detect that you've booked into the holiday program and will prevent you from booking another class as it detects it as a duplicate. Instead, the enrolment needs to be edited to add the additional day.

Log in to the Customer Portal and select the 'My Account' tab
Find the gymnast you wish to change days for, and select the 'Enrollments' button
My Account Screen
Find the holiday program you wish to edit and select 'Modify Schedule'
Enrolments Screen
Select the days you wish to add or edit, and if additional days have been added the portal will let you add them to cart and pay for them
Holiday Program Edit Screen

Updated on: 26/08/2023

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