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How do I book a trial?

New in 2024! Trials can now be booked online! If you have trouble booking via the below instructions please send us an email or call and we'll be able to help out :).

If you're unsure of a class for your child, we can do one-off trials for a small fee. We recommend signing up for a parent portal account, which will also allow you to view all the various times we have available across both our locations.

Once you find a class you'd like to try, head to the 'Shop' tab on the portal, and click on 'Passes'. A new 'Trials' Category will appear and look similar to below.

Screenshot of the customer portal trial pass buy screen

Click on the pass relevant to the class you would like to book (of note - please be mindful of 2 vs 1.5hr Recreational Level classes).

Once you have purchased a pass, head to the 'My Account' tab and click the 'Passes' icon on a student.

Screenshot of customer portal my account page showing the students in the account

A trial class can then be booked following our How do I book a class using a punch pass? guide.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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