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How do I make a booking for an in-house competition?

When making a booking for a competition it's important to check which location is selected. For our in-house recreational levels competition, these are often held at our O'Connor location. To get started, on our customer portal, select the 'Map Marker' icon in the top right and change to the correct location.

If this location is different your normal location, please remember to change back when booking for the new term!

Select the 'Booking' tab in the top left
There will be a new 'Competition' section next to 'Find a class' and 'Parties'. Click the competition tab.
On the "Need help finding the right Competition? " select "No just looking".
All available competitions will now be displayed. Once you find the time slot and competition you are looking for click on it and follow the steps to book the slot.

Updated on: 04/05/2024

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