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I can't see any classes to book?

There may be times where you cannot see any classes to book on the customer portal. Usually this may be because of our priority enrolment period. We have a three-day priority enrolment window for current families when our enrolments open. After this time enrolments for new families will open.

If you are a current family and cannot see classes, please make sure you are signed into the customer portal (What is the customer portal?) for classes to become visible.

Outside of priority enrolment, it is also possible that the system may be tailoring the search results to your account. Please check that you have all students you wish to enrol added as a student in your account - as the system sometimes may not show classes outside of the age ranges of students on your account.

Additionally, you may also wish to check your location (How do I switch locations in the customer portal website?), as some classes may be available on different days in different locations.

If the class your are looking for is not showing up, please contact us and we will help out!

Updated on: 17/06/2024

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